Problems with the key safe

The accommodations have various key safes

1. A general key safe (the safe code starts with a letter)

2. A small key safe

3. An Oranjezon key safe

4. Keysafe Reception Koudekerke

5. Keysafe Fort den Haak

6. Check-in Kiosk Aparthotel Zoutelande

7. Digital key (see FAQ Digital key)

We have created instructions for use for each type of safe:

1. Opening the general key safe

This safe is used at most accommodations. If the safe does not open, you can reset it by pushing down the oblong slider below the numbers for several seconds. The dial should be set to the closed lock symbol. After resetting, enter your code. Turn the dial a few times while pulling it a little.

enlarge image

2. Opening a small key safe

Enter the code and open the safe by pressing the two buttons on the side of the safe.

enlarge image

3. Opening an Oranjezon key safe

This safe is used at the Oranjezon accommodations. Open the cover, enter the code and remove the key.

enlarge image

4. Opening key safe reception Koudekerke

5. Sleutelkluis Fort den Haak

vergroot de afbeelding

6. Check-in Kiosk Aparthotel Zoutelande

vergroot de afbeelding

7. Digital key

For opening and closing the door with the digital key, we have written a comprehensive manual (soon online)
If you cannot open the key safe, contact us at +31 118 236060 for help during our business hours. You can reach our emergency service outside our business hours by calling the phone number in the check-in email.