Using the digital lock

The door will become visible in the app on the day of arrival, just before the arrival time. If you are standing too far away from the door, the door number will be light red, and you will be unable to unlock the door. When the colour is bright red, the door can be unlocked. The door will remain visible until check-out time; it is important that the door is locked before then. If you are unable to lock the door, please contact us. The app allows you to unlock and lock the digital lock of the accommodation. Watch the video below or read the step-by-step guide to learn how it works.

1 Download the app before arrival Please note: this requires an internet connection.

2 Sign in with your booking number and postcode

3 The app will display the period that the key will be available

4 The digital lock is now available for the booking Arrival at the accommodation

5 Ensure you have “Bluetooth” and “Location” enabled on your phone. If you have internet access, enable it, but this is not necessary to use the lock.

6 Open the app

7 If you do not have an internet connection, the app will display the message below. Select “Unlock/lock door”. Click the “refresh” button.
Is your phone connected to the internet? Open the menu by tapping the three dots at the bottom right (•••). Tap the “Unlock/lock door” button.

8 Select the accommodation’s door

9 Hold the phone up to the lock

10 The lock will flash green

11 Turn the knob to the right to unlock the door.
Turn the knob to the left to lock the door.

(at some accommodations this works the exact opposite way, the sticker on the door indicates the correct direction)

12 Push the handle down to unlock the door.
Push the handle down to check whether the door is locked.

During your stay
You can lock the door while you are inside the accommodation by turning the knob on the inside of the door. Always lock the door with the digital lock when you leave the accommodation.