Complaints are upsetting for everyone, especially you! We strive to ensure that everyone can look back on an enjoyable holiday. To that end, we try to solve any problems immediately during your stay. If you are dissatisfied or want to share feedback, we want to hear from you. You can contact us by phone on +31 118 23 60 60. If you have photos or other visual material relevant to the complaint, please send them to

Our emergency service is also available outside office hours for emergencies. Emergencies are problems that cannot wait until the next work day, such as problems with check-in, no access to the home, lost keys, technical problems with water or heating, damage such as leaks, or missing essential items. The contact details for the emergency service are listed in the check-in email and Welcome in app.

Because our range includes privately owned properties, the owner may sometimes be available for emergencies. The check-in email will always explain how to contact them if necessary. Please always notify us personally if there is a problem so we can prevent it in the future and improve our facilities and service for you and our other guests.