We hope all our guests have a wonderful stay at our holiday homes. Sadly, not every stay goes completely smoothly. If you have a complaint, please report it to us as soon as you notice it during your stay. That way, we can try to solve the problem for you immediately.

You can also give us positive feedback or constructive criticism. You may have missed something in the holiday home, have a good tip about the area, or would like to give us an extra compliment. Let us know to help us take our facilities and service to the next level.

After you check out of the holiday home, we will send you an email asking you to review your stay. You can tell us about your stay, and future guests can read about your experience in our holiday home. Each review is linked to a booking, ensuring they are always from guests who booked with us and stayed at the accommodation.

If you cannot fit everything in the review or want to include images, you can also email your feedback to