Cancellation protection through Welcome in

You can purchase cancellation protection through Welcome in. The cancellation protection allows you to cancel your booking free of charge for any reason up to 14 days before the arrival date. This option costs 10% of the rental price, with no additional fees. 

Note: You can only purchase cancellation protection during booking.

If you have any questions about or need to use this insurance, please contact us at +31 118 236 060

The following overview provides a comparison of insurance policies.

Cancellation protection through Welcome in

Cancellation insurance through Recreatieverzekeringen


Only during the booking processUp to 7 days after booking


At least 14 days before arrival

Until the day of arrival and during the stay


10% of the rental price

5.5% of the rental price + €3.50 policy fee (ex. 21% insurance tax)



- Health; death, accident, serious illness, necessary treatment and pregnancy complications.
- Family; accident, serious illness or unexpected treatment of family members up to and including the 2nd degree.
1st degree - parents or children
2nd degree - brothers, sisters, grandparents or grandchildren
- Work; in the event of a new job or if you are laid off through no fault of your own
- Housing; when you are unexpectedly assigned a house or need to be home due to damage to your house or business

Not covered


- Accident, serious illness, necessary treatment of 3rd-degree family members: uncles, aunts and children of siblings.
- Disaster, epidemic or terrorist attack in the holiday country
- Other reasons not listed in the covered reasons