Placing an option

If you are interested in an accommodation for a certain period but are unsure whether the stay can go ahead, you can place an option on it. Placing an option means the accommodation will be reserved for you for a certain period without obligation. During this period, you can change the option into a booking. If you do not book the accommodation, the option will expire automatically

- Placing an option within one month of your arrival date: You can place a one-day option (this option is only available through the Front Office; please contact us at +31 118 236 060).

- Placing an option more than one month before your arrival date: you can place a three-day option. How does it work? Under the offer on our website, you can find the [Take Option] button under the [Book Now] button. You can place an option for up to four accommodations; when using the website, this is only possible for an arrival date six weeks ahead or longer..

If you decide to convert the option to a booking, we look forward to welcoming you! The option confirmation includes a payment link; your booking will be finalised when you complete the payment. You will receive a booking confirmation.

If you decide not to use the option, we look forward to welcoming you in future. You don't have to do anything, and the option will expire automatically without obligation.

If you want to change your option, e.g., the number of guests or the dates, please contact us at +31 118 236 060.