A baby counts as a person and is a child up to 1-year-old. While booking, you are asked to specify how many adults, children, babies and pets will stay in the accommodation. This allows us to only display accommodations of the right size, with sufficient seating and sleeping places. If you enter the correct number of guests, the accommodations displayed will always be large enough.

Accommodations where a baby is considered extra

One baby can be brought along in excess of the maximum number of guests. For example: If you book an accommodation with space for up to 4 guests, then four people and one baby are allowed. Any other babies up to 1 year of age will count toward the number of guests. You can bring as many babies as you want, but only one is allowed in excess of the maximum number of guests in the accommodation, as mandated by safety regulations.


Some properties do not allow an additional baby in excess of the maximum number of guests due to safety regulations. These properties are not listed if you have entered the correct number of guests when searching for an accommodation. The chalets at Fort den Haak are different. The maximum number of guests per accommodation should not be exceeded, as the chalets do not offer enough space. You may bring one or more babies, but they count toward the total number of guests.

Costs for babies
Babies are not included in the rental price and can stay for free. You will pay the tourist tax for babies, as this is mandated for any person (regardless of age) staying overnight in another municipality. While booking, you can differentiate between babies (up to 1-year-old), children and adults.